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Skip Warner

Vice President of Operations and Accounting

Skip brings over 18 years of experience tackling nearly all facets of organizational management. Due to his innate ability to embrace challenges and identify opportunities, Skip's leadership role as Vice President of Operations is heavily concentrated in consensus building, planning and conducting efficiency assessments. A leader of internal communications, Skip engages with each FrontStreet department, proactively providing strategic direction, innovation and leadership. In addition, he is adept at scoping out potential FrontStreet team members, and has become a motivational catalyst within the organization.

Skip comes to FrontStreet from the Gerson Lehrman Group, where he worked alongside a team of developers, project managers and system architects to build company-specific budgeting, forecasting and reporting tools, automating complex client billing and revenue recognition processes and implementing a new ERP system. This valuable experience has molded him into the multi-faceted, reliable and patient professional that he showcases today.